Why Give

Your support of KIU is vital to the university. By giving to the university, you help some of our brightest students continue and succeed with their studies, regardless of their means. Share our vision and help realise a better future for our students by supporting our many educational initiatives through financial assistance. Your support, however big or small counts.

Student Access & Success

In many places across the globe the overwhelming cost of higher education prevents many promising young minds from unlocking the opportunities of learning.

Through your support of KIU, you can make a student´s dream of higher education a reality.

Creating the Next Generation of Academics

The "brain drain" from Africa is well-documented and poses a pronounced threat to the long-term development of the continent. This is true amongst many skilled professionals, and academics are no exception. KIU believes in growing and nurturing our own talent for sustainable growth and quality in African education. By targeting the development of a new and young cohort of academics in various disciplines across the university, it becomes possible to build strong careers for these individuals while simultaneously sustaining the wealth of knowledge and skill garnered over the years.

Through your support of KIU, you can build capacity on the continent for future learning.

Advancing Research & Innovation

In today´s world and economy, technology and innovation play an increasingly important role to spur and sustain growth and development.Through your support of KIU, you can advance the frontiers of learning and safeguard tomorrow.